Every question has been posed a minimum of four times.

Why are you doing mockups for free?

Creating free mockups aligns deeply with my values and passion. I yearn for the days when the internet was a vibrant community of sharing and collaboration, and I aim to contribute to that spirit. Sharing my work brings me joy, especially when I see how it enhances others' projects. Operating a website with ad-based revenue is a more straightforward endeavor compared to the complexities of managing an online store, which I have experience with. The process of creating free mockups comes with a liberating lack of pressure for perfection, although I always strive for the highest quality. Offering them at no cost also means that the occasional error isn't catastrophic. Furthermore, my passion for learning and experimentation thrives on my website, mgmockup.com, which serves as my expansive sandbox for exploring new techniques. This freedom to experiment would be constrained if I were creating mockups for sale, due to the weight of responsibility and the need for flawless execution.

Aren't you afraid of spoiling the mockup market?

I once spent considerable time pondering and admittedly, I was intimidated by the thought. But now, I understand that despite how improbable it may seem, the reality is quite the reverse. The graphic design industry has an insatiable demand for mockups. The sheer volume of mockups needed is so vast that it's virtually impossible for a single individual to produce enough to saturate the market. My focus is on creating and perfecting only the most essential and fundamental mockups.

A robust database of free mockups doesn't diminish demand; it actually fuels graphic designers' desire for more varied mockups. It's evident that their interest is intensifying. Numerous designers and graphic firms use my mockups as a learning tool for their everyday projects. Eventually, they reach a point where they seek out additional mockups, often opting for premium options.

This isn't mere speculation on my part – my inbox is flooded with messages from individuals sharing stories that corroborate this trend. Many graphic design instructors have expressed gratitude for the free resources I've provided, which have been invaluable to their students. As these students graduate and embark on their careers, they often seek out more sophisticated mockups.

The graphic design universe is expansive, and I am convinced there is ample space for both a free repository of mockups and specialized, premium ones. Rather than being in opposition, these two aspects are synergistic.

Why are there so many ads on the site?

Currently, my livelihood is solely derived from creating mockups; it's my primary source of income. Moreover, I dedicate most of my efforts to providing free mockups. I trust you appreciate the necessity of generating earnings, and advertising presents itself as the most practical and justifiable means of financial support.

I must admit, I'm not fond of ads due to their tendency to disrupt the website's aesthetics and their somewhat intrusive nature. However, their presence is essential to sustain both myself and the hosting servers. It's important to note that, unlike other mockup websites, you have the advantage of downloading from my direct servers, which spares you from the need to register, share personal information, and so on. Regrettably, this entails significant expenses.

The inclusion of advertisements helps to maintain the entire operation, so even though they may be a slight annoyance, I kindly ask for your understanding and encourage you not to let them deter you from using the site. Please bear with me and recognize the circumstances I'm navigating through.

Why do you make mockups?

The full narrative of my journey is detailed on the About page. However, to summarize, my passion is the driving force behind my work. Crafting mockups is the perfect fusion of my interests and skills, encompassing graphic design, 3D modeling, web design, and photography.

My complete dedication to this craft means I operate independently, free from the constraints of a traditional boss or client-driven directives. This autonomy allows for unfettered creativity and decision-making, a scenario that many professionals, especially graphic designers, aspire to achieve.

Why do you share low-quality mockups?

I aspire to present each mockup on the website as a flawless piece of work. However, the reality is that I occasionally fall short of the high standards I set for myself. There are days, sometimes even weeks, when things don't align, or I might hastily complete a project without giving it the due diligence it deserves. Occasionally, it's only with hindsight that I recognize opportunities for improvement.

There's another significant aspect to consider. Many of my mockups were initiated as learning projects. As a result, while they served an educational purpose for me, they may not always hit the mark in terms of aesthetic appeal.

At times, the issue isn't with the mockup itself but with the sample design I've chosen to showcase it, which can skew its perceived quality.

Despite these challenges, I firmly believe that by sharing these mockups for free, they hold potential value for others in their creative endeavors. While I could focus solely on achieving and sharing near-perfection, my experience has taught me that even the less polished mockups can be transformed and excel in the hands of someone who applies the right edits.

Will you teach me how to create mockups?

Regrettably, I am unable to provide direct instruction on creating mockups, as the starting point is not easily defined due to the vast array of techniques available. It is a journey of discovery that requires you to explore and integrate various methods on your own. My personal experience began with crafting 3D mockups, and I also take pleasure in utilizing my own photographs to create them. While the process of assembling elements in Photoshop is somewhat intuitive, I have had to devise my own unique solutions to achieve the best results for my specific projects.

The art of creating mockups, in my experience, is an evolving practice that entails experimenting with new approaches, mastering different software, and reimagining familiar subjects from multiple perspectives. It is a craft that, in my opinion, cannot be comprehensively taught, as it is as much about personal exploration as it is about technical skill.

License and legals

Are the mockups on this site really free?

Absolutely! Our platform guarantees transparency—what you see is what you get. Every mockup available for download on our website can be used for both commercial and personal projects at no extra cost. For comprehensive information, please consult our user license agreement.

What can and can't I do with mockups from mgmockup.com?

To see precisely what you can and can’t do with mockups from mgmockups.com, please refer to the license page. But in short, you can do whatever you want with them. There are only two restrictions that I would like you to abide by.

Can I use a mockup on platforms like Creative Market or Fiverr?

Certainly! You are welcome to showcase your work using mockups on platforms such as Creative Market, Graphic River, Fiverr, and others, provided that the original PSD files are not distributed on your own or your client's website.

The mockups can be employed exclusively for the purpose of presenting the products you wish to sell. This means that if you are using the mockups to display a design project, graphic, illustration, font, or any other item that is the primary focus of your sales, you have the freedom to use mockups from mgmockup.com to enhance the presentation of your sales items.

Can I use a mockup in a commercial project?

Certainly! You are free to utilize my mockups for any commercial endeavor, irrespective of its magnitude, extent, or range. The graphics you create using mockups from mockups-design.com come with no restrictions, making them suitable for various advertising platforms, including television, large-scale billboards, and digital marketing campaigns.

Can I modify the mockup?

Yes, you can. You are free to customize it according to your needs and modify it to best fit your project. I encourage you to do so to the fullest extent and not limit yourself in any way.

Can I share your mockup on my website?

Unfortunately, you are not permitted to distribute my mockups, either in their original or altered form, on any platform other than mgmockup.com. Doing so would constitute a breach of the licensing agreement. That said, you are more than welcome—and I actually highly recommend—to direct others to the mockups by sharing a link to mgmockup.com where they can access the content legally and securely.

Custom Requests and Tailored Services

I have an idea for a mockup. Can you create it?

Are you contemplating a new mockup design? If you're eager to share your vision, I invite you to send your ideas my way. To ensure I can accurately bring your concept to life, please include a comprehensive description. It's essential to attach images of the materials you envision for the mockup. Additionally, if you've found inspiration in other mockups or visualizations, feel free to share those links as well. A well-defined brief, bolstered by quality visual references, is crucial for me to begin crafting your mockup with precision.


Will you create a mockup just for me?

While it's unlikely, I'm always open to new suggestions for mockups. If you have a concept in mind, please don't hesitate to share it with me. I welcome and value the input from our community; in fact, many of the mockups showcased on mockups-design.com have been developed from user submissions.

To ensure your idea is clearly communicated, please include a visual aid such as a sketch, photograph, or a web link to the item in question. I often receive requests that lack specifics, which makes it challenging to create a mockup that meets the requester's needs. Detailed proposals help me understand your vision and increase the chances of bringing your idea to life.

Can you help me modify your mockup?

Apologies for any inconvenience, but I must respectfully decline your request for assistance with customizing a mockup for your project. My inability to accommodate such requests is due to a multitude of factors, including time constraints and certain technical barriers. As a fellow graphic designer, I trust that you can appreciate the challenges associated with dedicating personalized support in this context. Thank you for your understanding.

Can you create a graphic design project for me?

Apologies for any inconvenience, but I've made the decision to discontinue offering graphic design services. I recommend seeking out a professional whose expertise is specifically tailored to your project’s needs, as they will be better equipped to provide the high-quality assistance you require. If you have any other questions or need further guidance, please don't hesitate to ask.